I’ve been attempting to start this blog for a long time. I’ve been distracted and overwhelmed by the sheer size of this project, but I realize now the art of blogging is more therapeutic than anxiety-triggering. I’ve never been disciplined enough to keep a journal, and so writing these posts promises to be challenging.

The title, “Kind Reader: These Woods” is a nod to Anne Sexton’s illuminating poem, “Kind Sir: These Woods” in which she grapples with being lost and then found in the moments of self-reflection. I hope that my posts contain the similar literary format of lost immersion, followed by the sudden retrieval of self that is at once different and the same.

To reveal some personal notes about myself, in mid-August of 2011 I moved to Texas to attend graduate school (I’m working on obtaining my M.A. in English).  After four years of living in D.C., moving to Texas was a massive uprooting, a decision that forced (and continues to force) me into world of Anne Sexton’s poem. Through this change, I re-discovered how adulthood is simply a reclaiming of that well-known children’s game, though the person doing the uncovering is the same person hiding behind the oak tree.

Purchasing a one way ticket, when most of my friends and family live on the east coast or abroad, was to put it mildly, terrifying. Although I’ve traded the familiar for the unfamiliar numerous times, home was always close by. I remember the walk onto the plane as it idled on D.C.’s tarmac, how it seemed entirely too short. Surely I could linger a little longer?

And now, after 5 months in my program, it is still hard to return to Texas after a visit home. Although I’ve made friends and enjoy the accessibility of biking to the academic buildings and athletic complexes, I’m lonely. Graduate school is exhausting and demanding, and I tend to find comfort in the simple mathematical equation that results in the total remaining weeks until summer.

Still, my coursework is both a challenge and reminder as to why I decided to pursue my Master’s degree. Engaging in literary and gender theory is thrilling, and I love analyzing, as Tracy Chapman brilliantly stated, “the fiction in the space between.” Most importantly, I’m excited to rework my thoughts and to revisit classroom/gender/fiction (etc.) concepts through this medium. In this blog I will attempt literature reviews, present my musings, discuss meals I’ve cooked, and post pictures that document my life. I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to comment.



3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. comment, comment, comment.

    you really thought i’d have something more original to say down here? well, i’m most excited about your blog and in the future i will have more original things to say in the comments section. (p.s. i like the design, so kudos to the person you mentioned on twitter.)

  2. Hi Laura,

    I came across your blog while researching a post I’m writing on my own blog about The Golden Notebook. Like you, I think I’ll have to write more than one post to fully address the complexity of this tome! Your insights into the novel have been really helpful, thanks!

    On a personal note I’d just like to say that I really hope you continue blogging. It’s rare to find thoughtful, rigorous book reviews that strike a nice balance of being academic but not completely obtuse!

    I was an English undergrad a long time ago and I then went on to do my Masters in Gender and Women’s Studies, one of the best decisions I ever made. All the best with it, Deborah Rose.

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